SoupCylce: This Week’s Soups

Did you know that SoupCycle just celebrated its 110,000th delivery on a bicycle this week?

Have you wanted to try SoupCycle’s delicious, fresh, and organic soups but have not had a chance to sign up for a soupscription? Wait no longer! At the Market this week we will have these amazing soups for you to taste AND purchase:

West African Peanut & Brown Rice (vegan)
Hearty West African peanut stew with brown rice, tomatoes and red peppers. A non-meat version of our Democratic Republic of Peanut Chicken soup.

Baked Potato Soup (veggie)
Trade in that fork for a spoon! This thick baked potato soup has tasty chunks of potato, bits of red pepper, sour cream, chives and a hint of cheddar cheese.

Mulligatawny (meaty)
A tremendously flavorful Indian curry chicken soup made with cilantro, seasoned chicken, coconut milk, peppers, black eyed peas and more.

If these soups pass your taste test you can sign up for a weekly soupscription that you can enjoy for lunch or take home for dinner. It’s one meal a week that is convenient, organic, and delivered by bicycle.


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