Soupcycle Soups for February 22

Here are the SoupCycle soups for Saturday, February 22; please note that the little cross-thingy () means “contains no gluten ingredients”.

The name of the soup links to a page that will tell you all about that soup’s deliciousness!

Tasty Chili (vegan) 

Made with all the Earth’s goodness. Bell peppers, beans, corn and mushrooms make this a hearty, healthy chili.

Barack-a-li Cheddar (veggie)

An homage to our president’s home vegetable garden. This tasty soup has broccoli and cheddar flavors accented by basil and ground mustard seed.

Charleston Jambalaya (meaty) 

Chef Michael picked up this soup’s southern-cooked style in Charleston, South Carolina, where the jambalaya has chicken, tomatoes, clams and peppers. It’s a hearty, smokey, colorful soup with a a medium kick and a southern twang.


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