This Week from Given Back Bird Houses

Given Back Bird Houses has been getting lots of early nesting reports from all over the country. Most notably are a Bluebird resident claiming territory and beginning nest building in one of our houses located in Mebane, North Carolina.

Our client told us this week that his driftwood 2011 Given Back bird house has had 2 years of successful (unidentified) songbird nesting before this spring, and so it’s a real surprise to see a set of Bluebirds now taking up residence there.

In Florence today, we just got report of a set of sly set of Chickadee parents already feeding a round of chirping babies in their 2013 edition Given Back Hemlock Chalet. This client hadn’t seen any of the excavating or nest building process, until yesterday, the unmistakable signs of two parents feeding. It’s amazing how sneaky these wild birds can be!

This week at market, we’ll have a full set of bird houses for both Chickadees and Bluebirds, plus all our seed and suet feeder styles for when the baby birds are born and hungry. We’ll also bring an heirloom bat house made from drifted Redwood, an owl house made from Cedar, and the cutest pollinator houses you ever did see.

Given Back Bird Houses

Come by and see us for all your nesting needs. And don’t forget to tell us who is using your Given Back Bird House this spring.


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