Vendor List: March 22

This list of vendors and their booth number can change from week to week, so please check the list each week.

PLEASE NOTE: the vendor list is subject to last minute
changes and cancellations

Corner House (celtic) provides the musical entertainment this week. 

Vendor Booth #
4 Generation Crafts 27
Beene Farm 42
Blue Camus Press 15
The Bread Board 5
Buster’s Treats & Auja’s Beaded Jewelry 9
Claude Winter 20
Crooked Furrow Farm 15
CSC Youth House Garden 35
Decker Seeds 40
Denison Farms 11/31
Earth Rising 33
Filberts R Us 3
Gathering Together Farms & Breads 6/7
Given Back Bird Houses 25
Goodfoot Farm 34
Greengable Farms 18/19
Harcombe Farm 15
Hentze Farm 26
Heritage Farms Northwest LLC 39
Honey Tree Apiaries 29
Honeystone Candles 16
Krazy Woman Ranch 37
La Martposa LLC 4
The Mandala Lady 8
Misty Hills Farms 43
Mobil Knife Sharpening 41
The Mushroomery 22
My Pharm 2
Nibblin’ Nuthatch Bakery 24
Northwest Natural Beef LLC 21
Norton Creek Farm 1
Pure Peppers 28
Rasmussen Farms 36
Slippery G Family Farm 38
Savanna Nursery out front
Soup Cycle 10
Specially Made 17
Spiral Designz 13
Sweet Home Farms Meats 32
Tobacco Road Hot Works 23
Timberwolf Farm 30
Wood Family Farm 13/14
Outside Vendors shown with darker grey background
Market Vendor Floor Plan

Market Vendor Floor Plan


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