Vendor List: April 5

This list of vendors and their booth number can change from week to week, so please check the list each week.

PLEASE NOTE: the vendor list is subject to last minute
changes and cancellations

Corner House (celtic) provides the musical entertainment this week. 

Updated: 4/4/2014: 1:10 pm PT

Vendor Booth #
4 Generation Crafts 27
Beene Farm 33
Blue Camus Press 15
The Bread Board 5
Buster’s Treats & Auja’s Beaded Jewelry 9
Corner House (music) 29
Crooked Furrow Farm 15
CSC Youth House Garden 35
Decker Seeds 8
Denison Farms 11/31
Filberts R Us 3
Gathering Together Farms & Breads 6/7
Given Back Bird Houses 25
Goodfoot Farm 34
Greengable Farms 18/19
Harcombe Farm 15
Heritage Farms Northwest LLC 37
Honeystone Candles 16
Krazy Woman Ranch 26
La Martposa LLC 4
Mobil Knife Sharpening 41
The Mushroomery 22
My Pharm 2
Northwest Natural Beef LLC 21
Norton Creek Farm 1
Oregon Handcrafted Pine Needle Baskets 24
Rasmussen Farms 36
Pure Peppers 28
Savanna Nursery out front
Slippery G Family Farm 20
Soup Cycle 10
Specially Made 17
Spiral Designz 12
Sweet Home Farms Meats 32
Tobacco Road Hat Works 23
Timberwolf Farm 30
Wood Family Farm 13/14
Outside Vendors shown with darker grey background
Market Vendor Floor Plan

Market Vendor Floor Plan


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