Message from Nibbling Nuthatch

Nibblin’ Nuthatch Bakery is your all local all gluten-free bakery.  It is a sole owner and operator.  I bake gourmet pastry’s, muffins, slicing breads, baguettes, and misc. other baked goods.  My goal is to meet the local needs as much as is possible including special diets and have some fun with creating new recipes.  I want to help you maintain your health as well as my own. As of February 12th Our Community Supported Bakery share (CSB) for 6 weeks will begin.  Folks can sign up at the Winter Market or email be at  You can sign up and  pick up your local gluten-free baked goods once a week.  There are very specific choices available each week and special weekly rotation items. We ask for a minimum of $10 a week in shares or $60 for the 6 week period.  Additional product can also be ordered for additional costs. You may use a credit card, check or cash at the Winter Market to begin the process.  We will set up your first weeks pickup.  Pickups Thursday from 4:30-6:30.  We will also have special pickups at the Saturday Winter Market.  Email for the current menu or pick one up this Saturday along with the CSB forms.  We will have plenty of hand pies available and our decadent cinnamon rolls.  See you soon!
Nibblin’ Nuthatch Bakery LLC

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