What does it take to set-up the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market?

All week- Vendors preparing for Market, making bread, labeling honey, knitting, and making pine needle baskets. Many vendors calling and canceling or rescheduling.

Set-up begins on Tuesday with the vendor schedule created and e-mailed to all vendors on the list.

During the week Deb Coddington creates and publishes the blog posts and makes sure the vendor list is posted on Thursday.

By Saturday mornings the cars, trucks and vans need to be packed and ready.

Cars and Vans Are Packed Cars and Vans Are Packed

Saturday well before 6am

Doug (from Denison Farms) sets out signs and opens the doors to Guerber Hall. He starts to unload the truck and gets busy with his display.


About 6:30am – Jan unlocks the south gate for vendor parking, unloads and starts setting up her booth space. She also checks to make sure that the floor is marked and readable. The fan timer is turned on for heat. She also checks to make sure the bathrooms are clean and all the lights are turned on.

Jan's booth

Outside vendors are setting up in the dark and cold.

Outdoor Vendor #2

Outdoor Vendor #1

About 6:45am other vendors start to arrive and unload.

set up 1 1391274010360 1391272302278 1391271854740 1391271450276 1391269908241 1391270785153 1391270837034


The SNAP machine is logged in and the tokens are ready.

The door ramp is put in place.


Vendors are all set up and ready by 8:45am, signs are in place and the market opens at 9:00am.

csc5 goodfoot4

Honeystone Candles

goodfoot2set up 2

At 1:00pm we do the reverse and pack out. A board member cleans, dumps garbage and locks the doors and makes sure the gate is locked.



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