Vendor spotlight on ZIA Southwest Cuisine




Zia’s food booth serves up delicious breakfast burritos and quesadillas. The booth has its roots in New Mexico and Oregon. The owners are from New Mexico: Kathleen, Diego and Damian  have been in Corvallis for 17 years. They’ve been doing the food booth for eight years.

Their food is based on recipes from New Mexico. There is overlap with Mexican-styled cuisine, however, there are some differences that make Zia’s breakfast burritos different.

* They rely more on flour tortillas than corn tortillas and they make their own flour tortillas.

* Zia gets their eggs from Norton Creek Farm, the potatoes as well as other veggies from Dennison’s and GTF, and coffee from Oregon Coffee and Tea. However, they get the red and green chile from Hatch, New Mexico. This is important as the climate and soil give New Mexico chile a flavor unlike other chiles. People have tried growing the seeds in other states, but it is not the same. The chile has to come from New Mexico.

* Carne Adovada is a New Mexico dish. It is pork that is diced, marinated in New Mexico red chile, and slow cooked. Delicious!

So those are the main differences. It is the chile that makes the biggest difference.


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