This week from Nibblin’ Nuthatch Bakery


I have received a number of calls from folks needing gluten-free breads and goodies to take while away on Spring Break. I have decided I will be open for special pickups this Friday from 4-6pm if you cannot make it to market this Saturday. I have a few pickups tomorrow and may be able to prepare a few more if I find out by tomorrow morning. The best way would probably be a text or phone call/message if you would like something tomorrow from 4-6PM. 541-602-7755.

Our carrot cake this week will be dairy free as well as egg free. We will have cinnamon rolls, lemon cake, mini chestnut cake’s both types of savory scones(Jalapeno cheddar and bacon cheddar) almond butter chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pizza crusts, and a few types of breads.
Our sugar free apple handpies will also be at the market. We are lightly sweetening the apple compote with some Oregon wild berry honey and the “frosting” on the outside of the hand pie is made with coconut cream and some maple syrup.. it is put on while the pie is warm and acts as a glaze.
I have a couple of other things up my sleeve but not sure they will make it to market Saturday. They will both be gluten-free, dairy free, and egg free. YUMMY!

Once again let me know about any special pickup this Friday or a special pickup Saturday for your Spring break plans

Take care


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