New From Given Back Birdhouses


Photo by Donna Morse, Corvallis area, courtesy of Given Back Bird Houses

You will remember Amen and Maria Fisher who were vendors last year and the year before at the market. Their natural birdhouses and feeders were attractive and popular, as were Amen and Maria.  They left us last year and opened a store in Florence. It is the Given Back Bird Houses Working Museum at 1300 Bay Street in old town Florence, Oregon. They are open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The working museum is just that. The front of the building is their gift shop populated with bird houses and other lovely art pieces for sale. At the back behind a counter is their workshop and you can watch them work and they are always available to talk about their products.

While the shop is well worth a visit, the news is that they have a book out this spring published by Quantum Publishing titled Natural Birdhouses. It is a beautiful book with full instructions for building 25 of their designs complete with pictures and many helpful tips throughout the book to help you design the right house for your yard and learn how to attract birds.  You can learn more by visiting their website at You can even order one of their books for yourself.

We are pleased to have had them at the market for as long as we did and we are happy to report that they are continuing to do well.


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