This week from Nibblin’ Nuthatch Bakery

Well I am very excited about all the wonderful referrals folks are sending out for me. I will be selling snacks at the Kristen Ohlsen talk on April 16th. “The Soil will Save us” and a book signing. This will be at 1165 NW Monroe upstairs. I have also been contacted by OSU with regards to visiting scientists and goodies for them to eat ie: special orders. Word just keeps traveling.

At the market tomorrow we will have an apple/pear and a blueberry sugar free handpie, some blueberry tea cake.. our wonderful chocolate crackle and lemon cookies as well as the chocolate chip. Need a vegan choice- lemon bars, scones, chestnut cakes and our egg free/dairy free slicing bread, and mini baguettes. Our lemon cake slices are also dairy free and made with some wonderful organic coconut oil, and our fudge brownies as well.
Hope to see you around soon


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