This week from Soup Cycle

This Week:


barre3 Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili (Chef’s Choice)
We are collaborating with Barre3 Portland, Bend, and Corvallis this month featuring their January Challenge chili recipe. This hearty chili won’t just warm you up—it will also put you in a mellow mood! Recipe is courtesy of Andrea Bemis, chef/writer of Dishing Up The Dirt and owner of Tumbleweed Farm, in Hood River, OR

White Bean, Tomato, Fennel (Vegan) 
This vegan soup is slightly savory, slightly sweet, and totally tasty! Not a fan of fennel? Trust us give it a try, you will love it!

Roasted Corn & Ancho Chili Bisque (Veggie)
We like this soup hot or cold, either way you can’t go wrong. This pureed soup is a wonderful, slight spicy, blend of ancho chiles, red peppers, corn and cream. †

Mulligatawny (Meaty)
A tremendously flavorful Indian curry chicken soup. Made with cilantro, seasoned chicken, coconut milk, peppers, beans, barley and more.


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