From our vendor Heritage Farms…


Heritage Farms Northwest has moved INSIDE!!!!  If you have been looking for your favorite heritage breed, pastured raised pork that used to be outside the front door; don’t fret, just come on inside and head on over to where the pine needle baskets used to be ( on the corner next to the Mushroomery) and you will find me (Wendy) and all your favorite Red Wattle Pork items including chops, bacons, sausage, roasts, ribs, snack sticks, rendered lard and more (even soap!).   

If you are not familiar with our farm and our meat, here is a bit about us. The farm is run by just myself and my husband. Our hogs are raised outdoors on pasture from start to finish. We feed locally sourced grains that we grind and mix ourselves 2x’s weekly. Red Wattles are well known in the culinary world for their outstandingly flavored meat that has plenty of marbling and a rich, deep color. We never feed antibiotics or bakery waste and the animals enjoy a stress free, happy life doing what pigs do (foraging, grazing and rooting)


We also offer free ranged poultry (chickens and turkeys) and the occasional heritage breed rabbit fryers.


See you at the market, inside!!




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