New from Honeystone Candles

Honeystone Candles thanks you for being with us at the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market this year.  It’s always a pleasure to see your smiling faces, and we look forward to meeting you through the summer at our various events.
Most Saturdays, we will be at the Eugene Saturday Market, in the Park Blocks, 10-5.  More information
April 30:  OSU Mom’s weekend fair, Brick Mall Booth #27, 10-5
May 1:  Madison Avenue Garden Fair, Art Centre Plaza in Corvallis, 9-4
May 21:  East Lincoln QRT Fair, a benefit for our First Responder neighbours to the west, Burnt Woods Cafe, 9-3
June 25:  Dancing Oaks Nursery event, Monmouth 1-7.
September 10-11:  Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, Kings Valley, 10-5 each day.  Visit us in the woods, across the wee bridge.  Step back in time and play Faire with us!
September 24-25:  First Christian Church Fair, 5th and Madison, alongside the Fall Festival, 10-6 Saturday, 10-5 Sunday.


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