This week from Heritage Farms NW

Heritage Farms Northwest is having a big pork sale this Saturday at the Market.  We will have a variety of cuts  from our Red Wattle Hogs on sale, including ALL of our hazelnut cuts which include bacon, roasts, ribs, ground and fresh belly (sorry all out of chops).  We also are offering ALL of our boar cuts on sale. Chops, bacon, ground, roasts, tenderloins and more. Boar has a bit more gamey flavor, so if you are looking for a little more “kick” to your pork, you may want to give it a try.  Also on sale will be a variety of our other “regular cuts”, including select bacon varieties, ½” boneless pork chops (perfect for breakfast chops or a super FAST dinner idea), spare ribs, fresh belly and likely more.   All our hogs are kept on pasture from birth till the end. We use no chemicals in our fields and no antibiotics on our hogs.  Our booth is located on the north wall next to the fresh flowers and across from the mushrooms.  See ya Saturday!!


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