From Heritage Farms NW 

Heritage Farms Northwest needs YOUR 2 Cents!!!

We are using a different smoke house for our uncured bacons. We know it is a popular item and we want to get your input on our two different options. 

Tomorrow at the market (April 1st) I’ll be cooking two different recipes of Uncured Cottage Bacon (shoulder bacon. .you know.. the round stuff).  I’d love it is you can stop by and give me your input as to which one you prefer. And to make things more complicated there is an almost  $3/lb price difference between the 2 different options.  Yup, you read that right. We have the opportunity to bring our uncured bacon prices down by almost $3 per pound, but that only makes sense if you guys, the customers, like the bacon.  


Stop by our booth tomorrow, have a taste and weigh in with your opinion.  As always, our booth is located on the north wall, next to the fresh flowers and across from the mushrooms.



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