This week from SoupCycle 

Mulligatawny (Meaty)

A tremendously flavorful Indian curry chicken soup. Made with cilantro, seasoned chicken, coconut milk, bell peppers, beans, barley and more.

Tomato, White Bean, Fennel (Veggie)
This vegan soup is slightly savory, slightly sweet, and totally tasty! Not a fan of fennel? Trust us give it a try, you will love it! †

Zucchini Hummus (Vegan) 
This soup will surprise you! It’s simple, rich, and packed with flavor. Great warm or chilled and is always good with a warm pita or piece of bread to dip. Enjoy! †

Roasted Corn & Ancho Chile Bisque (Chef’s Choice)
We like this soup hot or cold, either way you can’t go wrong. This pureed soup is a wonderful, slight spicy, blend of ancho chiles, red peppers, corn and cream. †

Honeystone Candles 

Honeystone Candles returns to the Market this Saturday, March 25. We  look forward to seeing you all again.
We will bring a selection of our pure beeswax candles, beeswax-based skin care, and also some new hand stamps for the kids.
Add sweetness and light to your spring with Honeystone pure beeswax candles!

This week from SoupCycle 

Chicken & Rice and Everything Nice (Meaty)

A classic chicken and rice soup with homey flavors to remind you of grandma’s home cooking. †

Apple Cider Cauliflower (Veggie)
A full flavored soup, with a touch of cream. The cauliflower, carrot, and onion are complemented by apple cider vinegar and nutmeg. †

Harvest Soup (Vegan) 
This vegan soup has all the bounty of the growing season. We take fresh zucchini, rainbow chard, yellow squash, carrots, and add hearty great northern beans and rainbow quinoa. †


As is often the case, there are other events happening at the fair grounds on Saturday. There is a dog event in the arena. Since parking in front of the Arena can cause problems for other events we urge you to use the main parking area off Reservoir Avenue. If you follow our signs and park near the fence and gates it’s a quick, covered walk into our main entrance.

This week from SoupCycle 

Cambodian Pork Stew (Meaty)

This soup is really dynamic. We start with a super flavorful pork stock, add some Chinese 5 Spice, mushrooms and finish with cabbage and shredded pork shoulder. †

Sweet Potato Curry (Veggie)
Smooth sweet potato soup with Indian garam masala seasoning and our in-house veggie broth.†

Brazilian Black Bean (Vegan) 
Sweet and spicy black bean soup made with jalapeños, molasses, lime juice and red wine vinegar.†

Pot of For Goodness Sake (Chef’s Choice)
Pureed red lentil soup made with carrots, potatoes, garlic, a touch of cumin, a shot of lemon and a slight kick of cayenne. This SoupCycle soup was featured in Food & Wine Magazine in 2011.†

This week from SoupCycle 

Chicken Sweet Corn Cardamom Curry (Meaty)

Sweet and savory soup with cremini mushrooms, sweet potatoes, corn, coconut milk and our own curry blend. †

French Lentil (Veggie)
Lentil soup with the distinctive tastes of red wine vinegar and Dijon mustard. †

Peanut Brown Rice Stew (Vegan) 
Hearty peanut stew with brown rice, tomatoes and red peppers. A non-meat version of our “Peanut Chicken Stew” soup.†

Creamy Tomato Basil (Chef’s Choice)
The classic. Great by itself. Even better paired with your home-made grilled cheese.†