Market Update 3-20-20

This information is provided Friday, 3/20/2020.

Thursday, 3/19/2020, ODA clarified that the state is classifying farmers’ markets as “essential businesses.”  This places farmers’ markets within the same group as grocery stores.

With this designation, Corvallis Indoor Winter Market (CIWM) should be able to remain open through its normal season, ending April 11.  And Corvallis-Albany Farmers’ Markets (CAFM) will plan to open on April 18.  THERE ARE AND WILL BE ADJUSTMENTS TO BUSINESS AS USUAL.  Be assured our local market management is actively working to stay informed and provide safe environments to purchase healthy food.

Here are some measures we are currently taking at CIWM:

  • Market layout is adjusted to allow more space between vendors and space for customer lines to accommodate social distancing
  • The number of vendors inside Guerber Hall is greatly reduced
  • Hand wash stations are outside and available for customers (Guerber Hall has restrooms with plumbed sinks)
  • Social distancing rules are now set at 6’ in most cases; when at the front of the line, try for at least 3’
  • Inside we will place tape on the floor to indicate distancing for any lines
  • Restaurants are packaging food to go—dining is not allowed at the market
  • Vendors will not use tablecloths, to allow ease of surface cleaning
  • Shop with your eyes, not with your hands — Vendors may ask you to point out what you want
  • Vendors are evaluating pricing and booth layout to speed/simplify transactions
  • Vendors are pre-bagging items normally sold in bulk
  • Music has been cancelled (to discourage social gathering)
  • Vendors will not be at market if they feel ill

What we ask of our customers:

  • Are you at all ill?  Please stay home!
  • Adhere to ALL posted rules that are instituted for the good of all!
  • Keep your purchase interactions as short as possible – we know you wish us well and would like to catch up, but please keep our lines moving!
  • Consider shopping for a friend – especially people at greater risk due to age or health conditions
  • Consider leaving kiddos at home (under normal circumstances we LOVE families)

Watch for a link to a list of vendors who are offering online shopping, delivery and other creative solutions.  In the meantime, we will share individual vendor posts with this content.

CAFM opening date (April 18) is a few weeks away.  We will update on our pages when we have information to share!

Let’s eat healthy to stay strong while we work together to #flattenthecurve.