is long on cold and wet and short on sweet and green…

It’s that time of year we run out of storage crops (those we harvest in fall and store, like squash, potatoes, onions, winter radish…) and overwintered crops (those that can sit in the field over the winter, like leeks, kale, collards, cabbage…). And we’re in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for crops to re-grow (kale and collards ) as well as just grow (some scallions and arugula in the hoophouse that are almost ready and raab that’s hinting at shooting for the sky). We’re getting off to a bit of slow start what with December in February and snow in March! In light of that we will be taking a week off later this month. We will NOT be at market (or have farm pick up that Friday) on Saturday, March 23rd. We’re going to call it spring break…

We will see you at market tomorrow with a short list this week –

Celeriac – $2.00 lb
Escarole – $3.00 head
Endive – $3.00 head
Kale – $3.00 bunch, red and green varieties
Leeks – $2.25 lb LAST WEEK!
Lettuce – $3.00 head, green leaf, red leaf, green butter and romaine this week.
Spicy Mustard Greens – $3.00 bunch
Yellow onion – $1.50 lb
Parsley – $2.00 bunch
Potatoes – Desiree (rose/yellow), $2.00 lb
Purple daikon radish – $3.00 lb
Black Spanish radish – $3.00 lb
Rutabaga – $2.00 lb
Winter squash – Small Wonder Spaghetti, $1.50 lb LAST WEEK!
BLUEBERRIES – frozen berries, PRE-ORDER ONLY. 5 lbs/$25 or 10 lbs/$45.


Greengable has been a fixture at market for years. They grow cut flowers and bulb crops. They started in 1984 at 24689 Grange Hall Rd with Elephant garlic and added daffodils, iris and other flowers in 1987.

In addition to our market, their products are in many grocery stores and at their farm stand. They also have a website at

I picked up a couple of bunches of daffodils ($3 a bunch) last Saturday. Every time I walk in the door I’m greeted by these sweet reminders that spring is coming!